About Us

Here's a little about us and how we got started with Lace N' Grace Boutique!

Chels & Mace have been friends since 2010!! We met through mutual friends and bonded over the fact that Chels's "time of the month" date was also Macie's birthday!!🤣🤣 Through the years, our lives have changed in different ways, but we have always found our way back to each other and have continued to be best friends. When our husbands met each other in 2018 it was love at first sight and the bromance began. 🙄😂 So now we're all stuck with each other forever!

So, one night we were having drinks together with our husbands and talking about how we were so tired of wearing our husband's t-shirts to feel comfortable because in 2022 when you go to your average retailer, even the woman's clothing section is full of styles we just weren't comfortable in. We are both mothers and let's be honest; we have packed on some fluff in places that we don't want seen! We wanted to feel feminine again! We wanted to take control of our own style and wardrobe and share that with other women! Thats when the idea of opening a boutique came up! WE MADE IT HAPPEN! We loved the idea of being able to provide our clothing to friends and family, near and far, with both of our very unique and individual styles. We love that we're able to make women feel beautiful about themselves!! We hope in the future we can add men's and children's styles to Lace N' Grace Boutique.

As mothers we are so thrilled to have this boutique to show our children that we are BADASSES and they can be too when they grow up!

Now a little about each of us:

I'm Macie, I've been with my amazing husband since 2013 and we have 4 awesome children. I've been a stay-at-home mom since 2014 and have enjoyed every single second of it. Being a homemaker and being available 24/7 to my family has been my life for so long, transitioning into this boutique ownership has been an adventure!! In our spare time we enjoy spending time together camping, going to the lake/rivers, going on side-by-side rides, building random projects, anything to do with the outside really as long as we're all together.

I'm Chelsea, I've been with my SUPER sweet husband since 2017. We have 3 sassy girls! I have been working in the medical field since 2013 and am now a 911 Dispatcher. Let's face it being a mom is tough! Throw in working fulltime and owning a boutique--I am ALWAYS a hot mess express. My family's late for everything, ALWAYS! It's our specialty! In our spare time, we go on side-by-side rides, have BBQs, go camping and go to the river/lake! We really like to spend time with our friends and family! Anytime spent with each other is always a fun time!